Acoustic solo - Black Alley Cat (Original arr.)

Hi, I'm posting my first video here after procrastinating for ages to do  it. "Black Alley Cat" is my own original composition and is played in Open C tuning which is C-G-C-G-C-E.

Apart from the standard guitar tuning, Open C tuning is one of my favourite tunings, the other one is Drop D tuning. I have done a number of original compositions in Open C and I hope to post on this site when the time is ripe.

The acoustic guitar which I have for more than 12 years now is the Seagull Mahogany Folk Duet with an L R Baggs pickup. I believe Canadian guitar maker Godin who produced this guitar has stopped making this model.

PS:  There are more of my postings at "Acoustic Ramblings" on my Google+ page. You are welcome to visit the site there

-- AcousticTwang

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