Rootsy Country Blues By Ruthie Foster

Ruthie Foster is dubbed "the best kept secret in America". This gospel-folk-blues singer from the Lone Star state of Texas is the real deal. Ruthie is a downhome performer and she's worth listening.

Miss Foster shows off her beautiful voice with this country blues number "Smalltown Blues" in this video footage - the song is one of the outstanding cuts in her "Runaway Soul" album.

"Full Circle" was her debut album in 1997 and since then, she has come a long way, making her major breakthrough in 2002 with "Runaway Soul" and last year she came out with her fifth release "The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster" which really showcases her musical talent.

You can't take away from Ruthie that she's a great soul/blues artiste. The "Phenomenal..." album is a little departure from her traditional style. It evokes a new discovery that she's just as comfortable when taking on a more contemporary sound. - AcousticTwang

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