Slaid Cleaves on the Road Again

Slaid Cleaves singing Horses & Divorces with Michael O'Connor on guitar

Texas troubadour Slaid Cleaves has come a long way in his singing career. With seven albums under his belt in the last 16 years, Cleaves will be hitting the road again this year (2008).

According to his website, Cleaves and his band will make a brief trip to the Netherlands in February and then it's back to the US highways sometime in March.

Although the singer-songwriter grew up in Maine, he now lives in Austin, Texas and has become a favorite with the crowd in the largely underground folk scene.

Cleaves is always drawn to traditional allusions and melodies. And like Nanci Griffith on Other Voices, Other Rooms, Cleaves' musical arrangements are more often than not straight-up Americana but his songs are more contemporary than historic.

Listen to his albums like No Angel Knows, Broke Down and his last output Unsung, and you'll get to know Cleaves better for his flair with lyrics and melodies. - AcousticTwang


Learning Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco Busker

Hey hombre, this flamenco guy is not bad. enjoy the performance of this street busker.


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